Confidential Resources and Methods for the Investigator

The Confidential Resource offers sources and methods for Investigators and Researchers.

This site contains interesting news articles for private investigators and makes for good reading if you have an interest in learning about investigation tools, techniques, resources and more called “Confidential Resources”. Click The Confidential Resource to continue reading.

The word research derives from Middle French; its literal meaning is ‘to investigate thoroughly’ (from Wikipedia) and the most familiar image of the Investigator is Sherlock Holmes with his deerstalker hat and magnifying glass. Unfortunately, this is a very narrow-minded representation of the Investigator.

The investigative process does not belong solely to the police or private detective. Investigation is at the heart of every human activity. Scholars investigate. Antique dealers and appraisers investigate. Investors investigate. Medical Doctors investigate. In one way or another, we all investigate something or other. It is the application of information collection skills, logic, and analytical skills. To investigate, is to seek a solution.

The Confidential Resource is a modern analog for a Commonplace Book with the theme of Sources & Methods for the Investigator. A Commonplace Book is a written scrapbook filled with things one learns, but doesn’t want to forget. The name, commonplace, is a translation of the Latin term, locus communis, which means argument or theme for general application.

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