Hidden Asset Search

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Hidden Asset Search

Hidden Asset Search investigations consists of discreet, in depth reports which are utilized to locate hidden assets, verify assets and liabilities, and to provide preliminary information needed for seizing monies owed.

To successfully trace money and property, a private investigator must know how to uncover hidden assets, how to identify ownership interests often camouflaged by changes in the structure and nature of the ownership, and how to accurately unravel cleverly disguised control over, and interest in, property. Asset Recovery is the broad term used by those who provide asset services.

Reasons to use us for Hidden Asset Searches and Recovery

  • Post judgment recovery. We know how to uncover hidden assets and seize those assets using the tools made available by the courts for recovering judgments.
  • Divorce cases where the spouse is suspected of hiding assets. We can provide a detailed report that you or your attorney can present to the court.
  • Business transactions. We provide detailed information on assets owned by a company or person you plan to do business with or suspect of foul play.

Getting Started

Once we are ready to begin, one of our investigators will contact you to go over the details of how we will proceed with the investigation. In conducting an investigation, it is important to determine your goal. Your purpose in conducting the investigation will determine the type of information you are looking for as it determines where we are going to look for that information.

In-depth Reporting

There are thousands of investigators and information brokers, willing to sell you searches for vehicles, real estate, bank accounts, etc. This is not what we would call an asset investigation. We consider it a huge waste of time and money unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

A proper hidden asset investigation involves working closely with a professional that knows what to do with the information that is uncovered, including how to proceed in recovering those assets and/or creating reports that can be used in a court of law.

Professional Service

It can often be said that discovering assets is an art, not a science. Especially true if the assets are deliberately being shielded and hidden. In these instances you need the skills of an experienced licensed private investigator whose knowledge regarding locating hidden assets can produce positive results.

Washington State Investigators will work with local attorneys to enforce recovery through the courts and law enforcement agencies.

We have experience in many aspects of judgment enforcement, including locate services to verify a debtors current address, surveillance to verify awarded judgement items are present, serving subpoenas on target subjects, their family members and business associates to uncover hidden assets and recover them. This can also include serving bank account levies, wage attachments, and orders for appearance of the judgment debtor.

Confidentiality, Integrity, and Professionalism
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