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Our Free Investigation Resources

Private investigators have long made use of information available through public records and background checks in which personal details can be legally uncovered. Hidden cameras, audio and video recorders, high-power binoculars, digital cameras, recovery software and card readers for cell phones are part of the investigators arsenal. But, the most advancement to free investigation resources is arguably the Internet, which has redefined how investigators handle their cases. Washington State Investigators created a list of “Free Investigation Resources” for you to conduct your own investigative research.

Online resources are important tools that a private investigator will use to get the job done. These tools may include such things as online databases only available to law enforcement, attorneys and private investigators. They are fee based and updated regularly, and allow access to hundreds, if not thousands of databases. These database providers have very strict application processes and typically perform in-depth background check on the applicant prior to acceptance.

Because we live in the age where technology is part of our daily lives, we tend to overlook how important human contacts or “sources” and social engineering skills are to a private investigator. These two resources are necessary to aid an investigation or when technology can’t provide all the answers. Understanding which of these resources to use to solve problems and answer questions saves the professional investigator time and effort, and it also saves the client money.

We are equally committed to being up-to-date and to remaining state-of-the-art. That is why we continually monitor a number of industry periodicals, trade association newsletters, and vendor advertisements looking for information on the latest advancements in technology and techniques. We are continually updating our methods, resources, and equipment so that we may bring the very best quality service to our clients.

We have provided you with several public online resources and hope that you find these resources valuable. We have grouped resources into categories to make it easier to find the right information or service provider. Remember, when conducting your own investigation, it’s often difficult to piece bits of information together, so verifying the accuracy, relevance and current status of information is extremely important. We hope you enjoy using our private investigation resources page and invite you to contact us with questions.

Resources for Locating People

Below are two PDF eBook publications: Free Sources for “Locating People” How to be Effective! (OUTDATED version) and Catch a Cheating Spouse and Put an End to the Lies co-authored by Wolfgang Grasst, principal Investigator at Washington State Investigators. At the time these eBooks were published, Wolfgang was co-founder and primary investigator of Eye Spy, Inc. (2008) a technology based private investigation firm.

“Free Sources to Locating People” (OUTDATED version) offers a tiny glimpse how to use free online resources, how to navigate the barrage of information, both good and bad, and how to utilize this information to assist you with your goal.  When searching through the information collected, much time is spent trying to fit the puzzle pieces together. I wrote this guide in 2008 to assist people who didn’t have the resources to hire an investigator. Investigation companies have several paid resources available to them that the public domain typically doesn’t, along with experience and ongoing training.

These eBook publications are free to read and use for entertainment purposes. Please be aware that some information contained in these PDF’s may be outdated and resource links may have changed. Washington State Investigators holds no liability and does not warrant the current status of information contained in these eBooks.

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