Private Investigation Services

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Our Private Investigation Services

It is often the case with private investigation services that more than one area of expertise is required. The professionals at Washington State Investigators are well-versed in many specialized areas of investigation, bringing a diverse background to the table. This gives us an edge when dealing with complex personal and business investigations.

Our primary focus is to provide professional civil and criminal investigation services. We offer clients services related to workers compensation claims, adultery-infidelity, surveillance, employee theft, child custody, witness interviews, background and assets searches, records research, mystery shopper, photo and video documentation, and identity theft. We consult on home security camera systems, computer software, network and computer security, GPS surveillance, and can provide information about monitoring services and applications.

In recent years, there has been a rise in database breaches primarily exposing consumer’s personal and financial information stored on company servers. This has lead many business owners to ask for assistance hardening their networks and educating employees on security best practices.

Washington State investigators now includes services to advise clients about network and security best practices and to educate employees about BYOD, social media and social engineering. Educating both owners and employees can help reduce network and database breaches.

Below is a list of popular investigative services we offer, however, this list of private investigation services is not all-inclusive. We invite you to call us with questions about investigative services not listed below.

Private Investigation Services Include:

Free Investigation Resources-Click to conduct your own investigation.

Our Approach

Washington State Investigators understands each client brings us a unique situation and no two cases are the same. To help keep chaos out of the mix, we’ve provided a basic outline of the steps we follow prior to starting an investigation:

  • Free consultation for both personal and business clients.
  • Thorough assessment of your personal or business request.
  • Develop plan outlining the scope and investigation process.
  • Client review, modification and acceptance.
  • Client authorization and finalization of retainer fee agreement.

Washington State Investigators is committed to providing you with specialized services and quality solutions.

Why Hire Us?

When you hire Washington State Investigators, you’re making the right choice. We have the experience and knowledge, technology and resources to plan and execute an investigation to meet your specific situation. Hiring Washington State Investigators means hiring a partner who works with you in tandem. We communicate on a regular basis, providing you with new information and status updates about your case. As our client, you can feel confident you’re in good hands! Our mission is to provide our clients with a great customer experience, specialized services and solutions that deliver results.

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