Civil Investigations

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About Civil Investigations

Evidence is key to a successful civil trial. To make sure they stand the best chance, lawyers or civilians will enlist the help of a private investigator to get all of the information and evidence they can. That, in a nutshell, is the basis of a civil investigation. It’s important to remember that a civil trial is different from a criminal trial. In many instances, a civil case involves two individual citizens who have a dispute related to their rights as citizens. As an example, if a domestic accident occurs and one person files a case against another for damages, this case will most probably be tried in a civil court. When you don’t have a lawyer arguing your case, as is common in civil trials, evidence can make all the difference.

Washington State Investigators can complete all manner of civil investigations. These are some of the most common civil investigations we complete:

  • Investigation of missing persons
  • Personal injury investigation. We seek to uncover how an injury has happened
  • Child custody and child abuse investigations. We will reveal possible mistreatment, negligence, and abuse of minors
  • Domestic Surveillance. This type of investigation aims to make sure that you and everyone else in your home are safe. This may include the use of nanny cams, security surveillance, and background checks of caregivers.
  • Workers compensation investigation. We help companies to diminish insurance fraud
  • Background checks. We aim to determine whether certain people can be trusted.
  • Marital investigations. This includes everything relating to marriage, such as the investigations of cheating spouses, investigations into domestic abuse, pre-marital investigations, and partner surveillance.
  • Asset searches. This investigation aims to expose hidden valuables and funds owned by companies, debtors, and individuals.

What do our civil investigations look like?

Analysis will almost always be the first step in our civil investigation. When you solicit us for an investigation, you will first meet with one of our private investigators to discuss the investigation’s needs. These will include the investigation’s allotted budget, as well as how the investigation will proceed. After that, we’ll get to work, implementing a number of investigative techniques to uncover the information you need. We’ll change our methods depending on your case. These may include medical or forensic investigations, surveillance, background checks, and witness examinations. Once we uncover information, we will meet with you again to discuss those findings. If required, our investigators can make an official report or serve as an expert witness in a civil trial.

Do you need a civil investigation?

If you are someone who is going to be involved in a court case, then you need a civil investigation. In most civil trials, proof is crucial. The person who presents the most concrete case typically wins. At Washington State Investigators, we will uncover the evidence that you need in order to successfully win your case. If you are faced with false accusations or are being taken to court, you may also benefit from our services. We can investigate the issue and provide evidence to resolve the issue and clear your name.

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