Crime Scene Investigations

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What is a Crime Scene Investigation?

A crime scene investigation involves analyzing the area in which a crime has occurred, collecting evidence and running necessary tests. Each year, thousands of Americans rely on crime scene investigators for answers surrounding burglaries, homicides, accidents or other crimes.

Who is a Crime Scene Investigator?

  • Crime scene investigations rely on a number of professionals, who can all be part of a crime scene investigation and are also sometimes referred to as crime scene investigators:
  • Crime scene medical examiner – This type of investigator examines bodies for clues in order to solve crimes.
  • Crime lab analyst – This professional investigator runs DNA tests, trace tests, and other lab tests that can help determine what exactly has happened during a crime.
  • Forensic odontologist – This investigator uses dental information to reconstruct identities and in order to learn more about the crime.
  • Forensic engineer – This type of crime scene investigator investigates fire and arson allegations, traffic accidents, wrongful injury issues, and other similar crimes.
  • Crime scene examiner – This professional investigator works wherever crime takes place. They arrive on the scene shortly after crime has occurred and try to gather as much evidence as possible. They often meet with other experts in crime scene investigation to try to resolve a crime.

A professional investigator may be one of the above, or may simply act as a crime scene examiner and rely on other professions for evidence and assistance.

Why Do You Need A Private Investigator and Who Can Act As A Crime Scene Analyst?

Most law enforcement agencies hire their own crime scene investigators. However, if you have directly affected by violent crime, you may not agree with the findings of the law enforcement agency. Hiring a private investigator can help you determine what happened and can help ensure that you have the answers you need. If you are involved in a court case involving a crime, a private investigator can get you the reputable evidence you need in court. Today, relying on crime scene investigators hired by law enforcement doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes, a second opinion or a thorough re-investigation can save you from prosecution reducing or dismissing charges, as well as assisting you with prosecuting the correct criminal.

Our approach to Investigations

We leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client. We understand each client presents us with unique situations and no two cases are the same. Integrating skill sets in photography, Information Technology and Private Investigation, we can provide our clients with specialized services and solutions resulting in high quality investigations producing the best possible outcomes. It is often the case with private investigation services that more than one area of expertise is required. Washington State Investigators are well-versed in many specialized areas of investigation, bringing a diverse background to the table. This gives us an edge when dealing with complex civil and criminal investigations.

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