Corporate Investigations

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What is a Corporate Investigation?

A Corporate investigation thoroughly investigates business operations, which is the reason these types of cases are also called business investigations. A corporate investigation generally tries to find out whether a business partner is legitimate, a potential business merger makes sense, or whether fraud or embezzlement is occurring. While these are the most common types of corporate investigations, other cases may include a wide range of topics from intellectual property, to criminal inquiries, to financial searches. It is all dependent on you and your business needs.

Is Your Business Safe?

A Corporate investigation is conducted to help protect an organization from:

  • Loss or theft of proprietary information
  • Compromised customer information
  • Abuse or misuse of network
  • Liability if network has been used as a launch pad to attack other systems
  • Damaged reputation

Why do I Need a Corporate Investigation?

In the modern world, information is often the difference between business success and failure. A Corporate investigation gives you the tools and information you need to make sure that your business is successful. For example, employee background checks and company checks can let you know whether business partners and employees are trustworthy. Due diligence investigations can ensure that your business is not heading for a law suit. Business monitoring operations such as internet monitoring, media monitoring, brand monitoring, and compliance audits can help ensure that your business continues to prosper. Intellectual property investigations and investigations into other businesses help keep your competition in line and ensure that others aren’t taking advantage of your company. A corporate investigation can help identify wrong-doing within your organization so you can resolve it before catastrophe hits.

Even for those who do not run a company, business checks and corporate investigations are crucial. We all rely on businesses to keep our information safe and provide us with goods and services. A corporate investigation can ensure that the companies you entrust with your business are safe and effective. In some cases, a corporate investigation can help you receive the damages or compensation you are entitled.

What Happens During a Corporate Investigation?

A Corporate investigation can be conducted in a number of different ways and tailored to the requirements of your company. Note that this is a broad area of investigation, leaving the discretion of which services to offer up to the individual investigator. Be specific about your needs and the information you are seeking so your investigator can use the right tools to help resolve your situation. Some services that may be conducted during a business investigation include:

  • Financial investigation
  • Due diligence
  • Computer forensics
  • Security penetration checks
  • Counter surveillance sweep
  • Integrity testing
  • Surveillance

Why Should I Hire a Private Investigator for a Corporate Investigation?

If you run your own business, the more information you have about your brand, your competition, and the marketplace, the more likely you are to succeed. In fact, most large corporations either have investigators on retainer or have internal corporate investigators on hand to get them the information they need to succeed. Doesn’t your own business deserve this same edge in today’s market? You should safeguard yourself and stay ahead of any internal theft, fraud, security penetration, or sexual harassment issues.

With so much corporate information on the internet, you may think that you can do your own research into business operations. This is not true. Many businesses today are very complex entities, consisting of different divisions as well as globally dispersed office locations. Today, many small companies hire professional PR firms that carefully monitor what information about a company is publicly available. An experienced private investigator can find the truth and the hidden data that companies may not be willing to share. Plus, experienced corporate investigators have knowledge of corporate law that lets them legally gather evidence so that it is admissible in court.

Washington State Investigators Can Help

When you hire Washington State Investigators, you’ve made an important decision. We have the experience and knowledge, technology and resources to plan, and execute an investigation to meet your specific situation. Hiring Washington State Investigators means hiring a partner who works with you in tandem. We communicate on a regular basis, providing you with new information and status updates about your case. Our mission is to provide our clients with a great customer experience, specialized services and solutions that deliver results.

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