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Welcome to Washington State Investigators Contact page. My name is Wolfgang Grasst, founder and principal investigator at Washington State Investigators. It is important to me that you have the opportunity to contact me and receive straight answers to your questions.

Having the right information about your situation allows you to make an informed decision based on facts and to choose the best course of action. As a principal investigator, I understand that it may be uncomfortable to contact a private investigator and will make every effort to treat you with respect and professionalism when speaking with you about your situation.

When you are ready to contact Washington State Investigators, I invite you to call or email me directly with questions about your personal and or business needs. I will keep your correspondence confidential because your privacy is very important to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Wolfgang Grasst

All correspondence confidential..

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Thank you from Washington State Investigators, a private investigation agency located in Seattle, Washington.


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