A story of Adultery – Private Investigation

A Story of Adultery, a private investigation that aired live on the “Movin” FM 92.5 Seattle, Washington.

In 2008, I was co-founder and primary investigator of Eye Spy, Inc. a private investigation firm. I received a call from the radio station “Movin” 92.5 FM, it was Monte and Brooke from the morning show requesting I accept one of their listeners as a client for an adultery case. The client had previously called the radio station asking for assistance. The case was part of a weekly series involving Adultery and Infidelity (click link for definition) with women as the primary audience. I contacted the client, received authorization to air live results and accepted the case. One morning each week, I would conduct an interview with Monte and Brooke “live on the air” to inform anxious listeners about new developments during the past week of surveillance. This went on for several weeks as we continued to gather more evidence. The longer we set up surveillance on the target, the better the opportunity to support our clients suspicion while gathering indisputable evidence. One evening, after weeks of surveillance, I followed the subject and his female companion into a sports bar and videotaped them dancing and playing pool. As the evening went on, the couple let their guard down, began holding hands and when they thought no one was looking, they would kiss intimately. The next morning, I called the client and explained the events of the previous evening and that it was captured on video. That was the straw that broke the camels back, the client had enough proof to bring the case to a close. The final interview was scheduled with our client and the radio station to air the results live via a three way phone call. In preparation for the final broadcast, I met with the client, presented all the facts and revealed the video footage collected during the investigation. The video footage confirmed the suspicion of adultery. We agreed to give our client plenty of time to prepare for the live broadcast. After a few days, the client decided what information to release and we rehearsed a live broadcast scenario for the public. We don’t normally conduct business in this manner, but since we were approached by the radio station on behalf of the client, and we obtained direct authorization from the client, we made the exception to air a case over the radio. Washington State is a “no fault” state, which means that either party can file for divorce without providing proof of cause, such as Adultery. Instead, only one party has to believe that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”. Adultery is not a reason to grant a divorce in a Washington State, but alimony and child custody are issues divorce courts in Washington State will address. Definition: Adultery – you’re married and you have sex with someone outside the bounds of marriage. Infidelity – you’re not married and voluntarily have sex with someone outside of a monogamous relationship.

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