Criminals Spoofing Seattle PD’s Non-Emergency Number

At least 10 confused Western Washington residents have called Seattle Police today after receiving calls asking for money, which appear to be coming from the SPD non-emergency line.

These calls which appear on caller ID’s as 206-625-5011 are the result of caller ID fraud, or “spoofing,” and are not coming from SPD’s 911 communications center.

The criminals spoofing Seattle PD’s non-emergency line are claiming to be from the city, are using several different ruses attempting to bilk the victims of money. Suspects are using ploys ranging from simply asking for money to implying the victims owe taxes or have outstanding fines.

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, please hang up and call the Seattle Police at 206-625-5011.

The 911 Communications Center is researching the origin of the calls and is referring the case to detectives for investigation.


The Seattle Police Department is the largest Municipal law enforcement agency in Washington State.

Seattle Population: 612,000

Seattle Physical Size: 143 square miles

Population of King County: 1,933,400

Washington State Population: 6,733,200

Seattle Police Department Staffing: 1,820 (approx.)


Foot, car and bike patrols in all five precincts.
Harbor Unit patrol of 59 square miles of waterways.
Investigative duties for all crimes including arson investigations.
9-1-1 Communication Center answers all calls for police, fire and medical emergencies in the city.
Traffic Enforcement.
Parking Enforcement.
Homeland Security and the Bomb/Arson Unit
Specialty units, such as SWAT, Gang Unit and canine.


Kathleen O’Toole is Chief of Police.

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