Monthly Archives: October 2013

Free Resources For Locating People

A free PDF download Free Resources for Locating People Free Resources For Locating People is a 36 page PDF written in 2008 by Private Investigator Wolfgang Grasst. Introduction I wrote this book with the intention of providing a basic understanding of online resources available and the methods used when performing research on people and businesses…
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Catch a Cheating Spouse – Infidelity

A free PDF download Catch a Cheating Spouse Nobody wants to think that their partner is cheating on them. Single men and women, married couples, engaged couples, and those attempting to develop a long-lasting relationship like to think that their partner is true to them and to them only. Married couples have made promises to…
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A story of Adultery – Private Investigation

A Story of Adultery, a private investigation that aired live on the "Movin" FM 92.5 Seattle, Washington. In 2008, I was co-founder and primary investigator of Eye Spy, Inc. a private investigation firm. I received a call from the radio station "Movin" 92.5 FM, it was Monte and Brooke from the morning show requesting I…
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