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Washington State Investigators is a private investigation firm located in Seattle, Washington and dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses with an affordable means to the information and investigation services they require. Everyday, advances in technology change how we communicate, socialize, travel and work. Investigation services and techniques are more dependent on technology now than ever before. By integrating skill sets in photography, information technology and private investigation, we provide our clients specialized services resulting in high quality investigative solutions.

Washington State Investigators is dedicated to assisting all clients in a professional manner. We understand the client puts a level of confidence and trust in our company which we take very seriously. Our character as a professional private investigation services firm is very important to us. We know when preparation and opportunity meet, you get results.
A basic and fundamental principle at Washington State Investigators.

Having our primary office located in downtown Seattle, Washington, puts us in the central urban hub for the greater Puget Sound area and Washington State. Headquartered in downtown Seattle allows us to be centrally located to all our clients, providing quick access to legal services and courts, investigation resources, and ease of access to outlying cities and counties. Washington State Investigators understands which resources to use to solve problems and answer questions, reducing time and effort, and saving our clients money. Washington State Investigators hopes you enjoy the website and invites you to use our confidential contact form or call us directly to speak with an investigator.

What is a Private Investigator?

In the past, TV shows, movies and books have painted a mental image of a private investigator as someone who works in a dimly lit, cluttered office, in a less than affluent part of town. Several fictional detectives have contributed to this image and one of the most well-known is Sherlock Holmes. But, just how much private investigator lore is really true? Separating fact from fiction involves defining precisely what private investigator is. Private investigators are people who get paid to gather facts. Unlike police detectives or crime scene investigators, they typically work for private citizens or businesses rather than for government. They may help solve crimes even though they are not law enforcement. The private investigators job is to collect information, not to arrest and prosecute criminals.


In the news, the word “surveillance” has a negative connotation due to accusations of its misuse by our government and big business. But, for the private investigator, surveillance performed legally is part of a necessary and important skill set. Trained private investigators perform discreet surveillance and provide the court evidence of wrong doing, the kind of proof that will stand up in court. Surveillance is the monitoring or observation of behavior, activities and people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them.


When a spouse is cheating, they’re either committing adultery or infidelity. The difference is whether you’re cheating in a marriage (adultery) or in a committed monogamous relationship (infidelity). Private investigators spend a great deal of time working on adultery and infidelity cases. Washington State is a no fault state. When adultery is committed one spouse may feel it is grounds for divorce, but the court’s decision focuses on whether one party feels the marriage is irreconcilable, not the cause. Two issues a Washington State divorce court will consider are alimony and child custody.

Child Custody

In a courtroom, child custody cases involve more than you and your attorney, child custody cases involve the welfare of your children. A majority of divorces in Washington State involve child custody and these cases may take a long time to resolve because there is so much at stake regarding your child’s welfare. Patience is absolutely essential when building a case. Judges have also become numb to allegations that are unsupported by inadmissible documentation. Any success you have in the courtroom directly hinges on the proof or evidence you produce. Child custody investigators have the experience necessary to provide you and your attorney with proof that’s admissible in court.

Washington State Investigators understands when opportunity and preparation meet
you get results!

We invite you to call Washington State Investigators and get the results you want today.

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