Video Surveillance Investigations

WSIPI Iguana Private InvestigatorIn the context of insurance investigations, covert video surveillance is the observation of an individual from a hidden or unknown position to document the extent of the subject’s physical activities.

The insurance investigator may suspect that the individual filing an injury or disability claim may be exaggerating their injury in order to collect benefits that they are not entitled to receive. The permanent video surveillance recording of a claimant engaged in activity that conflicts with their personal or medically stated physical capabilities, as part of an alleged disability or injury claim, may be an important key factor in determining an appropriate settlement position with that claimant.

Video surveillance is most frequently used to determine whether a claimant is engaged in physical activities that contradict the nature and extent of the alleged injury. Video surveillance may document that the claimant’s physical activities have not been limited as a result of any alleged injuries. Courts have generally encouraged the use of video surveillance as a means of investigating suspected fraudulent insurance claims, especially those involving fraudulent or exaggerated personal injury, disability, or worker’s compensation claims. (Because of the public interest in exposing fraudulent claims, a plaintiff must expect that a reasonable investigation will be made subsequent to the filing of a claim) Tucker v. American Employer’s Insurance Co., 1,71 So. 2d. 437, 438 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1965).

It is mandatory and prudent for insurers to demand that the investigators performing the video surveillance assignment be adequately trained in the proper technical procedures of performing a photographic surveillance. It is equally important for the investigator handling the video surveillance assignment receive updated continuing education and training involving the potential legal ramifications of video surveillance.

At Washington State Investigators, our investigators are carefully screened and background investigations conducted on all personnel to ensure that our investigators have the necessary training to provide our clients with a superior product.

Washington State Investigators are equipped with the state-of-the-art video equipment with long range zoom lenses and low light video capability in addition to the latest in pin-hole camera technology to allow the investigator to remain discreet and keep the investigation confidential avoiding compromise.

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