Learn cybersecurity basics with these essential YouTube videos

A hand-picked list of must-watch cybersecurity videos to help you learn the fundamentals of encryption, how hackers penetrate systems, and strong cyber-defense tactics for business. This year global cyber-war went mainstream. Banks were robbed by digital criminals, Yahoo confessed to losing half a billion consumer records, foreign attacks leaked documents from the Democratic National Committee and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and thousands of small businesses and enterprise companies lost millions of dollars. Yet cybersecurity is complex, and learning and fundamentals—how hacking works, what attackers want, and how to protect against a data breach—is a daunting prospect for everyone from curious amateurs to IT pros. Even organizations as security-minded as banks “only cover about half of what really matters,” said Ernst & Young cybersecurity expert Ertem Osmanoglu in a recent interview. “Cyber is truly a business issue that needs to be a bigger part of the end-to- end business workflow.” Osmanoglu acknowledges that technology evolves quickly and that 100 percent security is impossible. “Therefore, organizations must be capable of immediately dealing with incidents to minimize loss,” he said, and advised organizations of all sizes to leverage new technologies to improve organizational understanding of cyber-risk a3fvwuq. “While new technologies will allow organizations to detect and respond to threats in real time, organizations should prioritize protection of high value assets. Information protection can seem overwhelming to executives, but allocating additional dollars towards crown jewels is a place to start … cyber is truly a business issue that needs to be a bigger part of the end-to-end business workflow. ” From lessons on how encryption works to the tactics hackers use to attack systems to documentaries on the scale of contemporary cyberwar, the edifying and essential videos listed below will help you and your organization better understand the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity 101 Cybersecurity for small business Enterprise cybersecurity How end-to-end encryption works Cyber weapons Cyberdefense Training cyber-warriors The economy of hacking Hacking tactics Social engineering To read more about cybersecurity, you are invited to visit our CyberCrime webpage here. Original News Source: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/learn-cybersecurity-basics-with-these-essential-youtube-videos/