How a Private Investigator can help with a Fraudulent Workers Compensation Claim

Workers compensation claims are intended for the benefit of employees who get injured while on the job. The compensation pays for lost wages, medical expenses and other expenses while the employee recovers from the injury. Recently there has been an increase in workers compensation claims and many of them are considered to be fraudulent or illegitimate. Since worker compensation claims are hardly disapproved by the employer, it has become an easy way to use fraudulent workers compensation claims for personal profit.

How does fraudulent workers compensation claims hurt businesses and honest employees?

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Increase of the fraudulent workers compensation claims seriously affects the insurance companies. To deal with the increase in compensation claims, insurance companies increase the premium for such services and the cost is transferred to the employer. There have been cases where higher premium have affected the businesses to the extent which has resulted in closure of businesses and people losing jobs. Hence, businesses need to be proactive when handling worker compensation claims. The best way to deal with fraudulent worker compensation claims is hiring a private investigator to find out the truth.

Reasons for hiring a private investigator to find out fraudulent worker compensation claims

The Private investigator is a trained individual to handle such fraudulent workers compensation claims. He/she has required tools that help uncover the fraud and provide proof that is admissible in the court. The primary step in investigating the worker compensation claim is to detect any possibility of fraud. To uncover fraud in compensation claims it is necessary to act fast before the evidence is destroyed. Private investigators use several techniques to find out fraudulent worker compensation claims such as

1. Interviews and research

Private investigators generally interview employees who seek worker compensation claims. The interview questionnaire contains all types of questions that establishes every detail of the claim. The answers are recorded which can be used as evidence in court. Private investigators collect all documents such as photographic evidence of incident and treatment copies that are helpful to detect fraud. A basic research in worker compensation claims can reveal lots of information that is generally not gained through casual observation. A private investigator knows the right places and ways to conduct research and collect information that can tell about any existence of fraud.

2. Background checks and research

Private investigators conduct background checks to investigate whether the worker was truly injured. Background research generally involves checking for any claims in the past and whether the worker was convicted in any fraudulent claims in the past.

3. Surveillance

Private investigators use different types of surveillance including audio and video to determine if the worker is really injured the way he/she has claimed in the worker compensation claim. In case of a fraudulent claim, a surveillance record can be provided as a proof that shows the worker has exaggerated the medical condition or injury to get added benefits through a worker compensation claim.

4. Evidence gathering

Evidence plays an important role in proving a fraudulent working compensation and deny compensation where the claim is not legitimate. A private investigator gathers considerable amount of evidence that can be used to determine the right amount of compensation whatever is applicable as per the law.

Thus, hiring a private investigator is the best way to intelligently handle worker compensation claims and prevent fraud.

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