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Pulling more using Google searches – tricks

Thanks to Over time, it’s the small things you collect that can make a difference. Private investigators know this all to well. Here are some tips to perform better Google searches. Learning how to use Google searches and Google tricks can yield more information than expected and save you time and energy. Google is…
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Free resource to Spy Dial a phone number

Spy Dialer allows you to spy dial a phone number and is an interesting “free” tool to use if you want to find out who called you when you don’t recognize the phone number on your caller ID or after a missing a call. Spy Dialer is free tool lets you type in a phone…
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Free Resources For Locating People

A free PDF download Free Resources for Locating People Free Resources For Locating People is a 36 page PDF written in 2008 by Private Investigator Wolfgang Grasst. Introduction I wrote this book with the intention of providing a basic understanding of online resources available and the methods used when performing research on people and businesses…
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Catch a Cheating Spouse – Infidelity

A free PDF download Catch a Cheating Spouse Nobody wants to think that their partner is cheating on them. Single men and women, married couples, engaged couples, and those attempting to develop a long-lasting relationship like to think that their partner is true to them and to them only. Married couples have made promises to…
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A story of Adultery – Private Investigation

A Story of Adultery, a private investigation that aired live on the "Movin" FM 92.5 Seattle, Washington. In 2008, I was co-founder and primary investigator of Eye Spy, Inc. a private investigation firm. I received a call from the radio station "Movin" 92.5 FM, it was Monte and Brooke from the morning show requesting I…
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